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A Family Driving Around The World
       In Sep, 2011, Herman Zapp's family (6 members,two grand and four kids) from USA,Argentina and Canada enjoy a great self-driving adventure trip around China with their 1928 Graham-Paige vintage car. Mohan Border (Laos)-China-Zhangmu Border(Nepal).Yunnan-Sichuan-Xi'an-Lanzhou-Xining-Tibet-Zhangmu-Nepal. While in Argentina, 10-year-old Herman met his child hood sweet-heart Candelaria when she was only 8, and the couple have been together ever since.They married in 1996.When the money quickly ran out on their first trip, they decided to rely on the kindness of other people who give them shelter, food and petrol.'We were happy, we had everything a young couple could want, but we felt we had to go,' said Herman, currently in the Philippines with his family. 'My grandfather knew that we wanted to travel and to never stop so he gave me the old Graham-Paige car he used on his farm and gave me some advice. 'He told me, 'If you want to get far, you need to go slowly', so what could be better than a vintage car.'
Focus Points: A family of six include 4 kids,enjoy a 11 years global self-driving tour from Argentina to the United States.Their 4 kids were born on their world trip from the U.S. to China.On October 2011, when they arrived in Chengdu (where NAVO-tour office located ),their youngest child was only two and a half years old.
Guest Website:http://www.argentinaalaska.com/
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