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Drive your own car to China

◆Why choose NAVO as your in-country Travel Agency?
NAVO is one of the earliest tour companies in China, which help to arrange foreigners to drive their own vehicles in China for traveling.

Since 1994, NAVO started to focus on the foreign vehicle self-driving tour and we have assisted the guests from dozens of countries and regions till now, for example Germany, Britain, Australia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on. It is our honor to help them to realize their self-driving dream tour of China part.

Since 2009, according to the statistics of foreign self-driving tour groups to China organized by the whole travel agencies in China each year, NAVO keeps to be the Number one who organized the most groups of this kind.

Through NAVO’s arrangement, our guests can drive their off-road vehicles, saloon cars, RV, classic cars, trucks or motorcycles in China successfully for traveling. We provide our best services according to the needs of guests and tour organizers, such as: permits application, entry and exit procedures, tour guide, support vehicle (for big group or group who require for it), hotel reservation, camp, camping assistance, and so on.

At present, China has not open the freely self-driving tour for foreigners yet, so each foreigner who wants to drive by yourself in China should clearly understand and strictly follow the basic rules about doing driving tour with personal vehicle in China:

1. Permits
Guests must contact with an experience self-driving tour travel agency of China firstly, just like NAVO, to deal with all the necessary permits and documents from Chinese government department. And then you can get the permits needed for this kind of tour in advance.

2. Itinerary
The itinerary for self-driving tour must be fixed beforehand and must be allowed by the government departments. Foreign groups can only do the self-driving while driving according to the itinerary we agreed and allowed by the government departments. Foreigners could not change the tour itinerary, entry/exit ports, entry/exit dates and so on freely by themselves.

3. Tour Guide
While doing such self-driving tour, an in-country foreign-language-speaking guide arranged by the travel agency is a must to accompany with the group for the whole trip. NAVO would arrange tour guide who speak English/French/German and so on with guests request.

If you have already understood and agree with the above basic rules for foreign self-driving tour in China, it is great for NAVO to start to discuss and organize your foreign vehicle self-driving tour in China. Please note the basic steps as follow:

1. Discuss and make out a practical itinerary.

Basic information from guest like tour duration, entry and exit ports/dates, the number of the vehicles, passengers and drivers, hotel request .etc. will give NAVO full idea of your travel. NAVO can be the consultant of the itinerary you designed. Also NAVO is glad to help to design the itinerary for you.

2. Apply permits after guests set the itinerary with NAVO.

It takes 2-3 months for the tour company to arrange the documents and apply the permits needed step by step from the government departments.

3. According to China's laws and regulations, all foreign self-driving groups who do self-driving tour in China must have an in-country tour guide to be accompanied through the whole tour. Our tour guide will wait at the entry port of China side and help to finish all the necessary entry process for guest to start the foreign self-driving tour in China.

What is more, as foreign self-driving tour is a kind of professional and special tour, it needs lots of preparation for both NAVO and guests to do. So for more details about tour organization, paperwork files preparation, itinerary design and so on, please feel free to contact us by email to: en@navo-tour.com

◆The list for the first foreign self-driving tour groups organized by NAVO

Sort by vehicle type:
1). Our first 4X4 group: in 1994, vehicle of Germany;
2). Our first camping-car group: in 2001, vehicle of Italy;
3). Our first motorcycle group: in 2004, vehicle of Switzerland;
4). Our first natural gas car group: in 2007, vehicle of Germany;
5). Our first truck group: in 2010, vehicle of Australia;
6). Our first classic car group; in 2010, vehicle of Australia
7). Our first fire engines group: in 2010, vehicle of The UK;
8). Our first electric car group: in 2010, vehicle of Denmark.
9). Our first 3 wheel car group: in 2013, vehicle of France.

Sort by client’s nationality and regions:
1). Our first Germany group: in 1994
2). Our first Italy group: in 2001
3). Our first the UK group: in 2001
4). Our first Austria group: in 2002
5). Our first Switzerland group: in 2003
6). Our first France group: in 2004
(Inner Mongolia-Shanxi-Gansu-Sichuan-Yunnan)
7). Our first Sweden group: in 2005
8). Our first Australia group: in 2008
(Yunnan-Guizhou-Hunan-Shangxi-Shanxi-inner Mongolia)
9). Our first Singapore group: in 2008
(Inner Mongolia-Beijing-Shanxi-Zhejiang-Shanghai)
10). Our first Spain group: in 2008
11). Our first Belgium group: in 2009
(Inner Mongolia-Shangxi-Beijing-Tianjin)
12). Our first Norway group: in 2009
(Inner Mongolia-Shangxi-Hubei-Hunan-Guizhou-Yunnan)
13). Our first Denmark group: in 2009
(Inner Mongolia-Beijing-Shangxi-Sichuan-Yunnan)
14). Our first New Zealand group: in 2009
15). Our first Nether land group: in 2009
16). Our first Portugal group: in 2010
17). Our first Indian group: in 2010
18). Our first Hongkong, China group: in 2011
19). Our first Indonesia group: in 2011
20). Our first The USA group: in 2011
21). Our first Argentina group: in 2011
22). Our first Malaysia group: in 2012
23). Our first Russia group: in 2012
24). Our first Lithuania group: in 2012
25). Our first Turkey group: in 2012
26). Our first South Africa group: in 2012
27). Our first Canada group: in 2014
28). Our first Thailand group: in 2014
29). Our first Latvia group: in 2014
30). Our first Poland group: in 2015
31). Our first Ireland group: in 2015
32). Our first Jordan group: in 2015
33). Our first Czech group: in 2015
34). Our first Colombia group: in 2015

◆Well-known Group Organized by NAVO and had been report both inside China and all over the world through the media like TV/Magazine/News paper/Website)

22. 2013 French: Love in heart-Unique Tuk Tuk drive around world

On September, a local Tuk Tuk made in Thailand was going to a long journey. This is a special self-driving group: 3 French young men, after finish their volunteer work in Laos, they processed this wonderful journey under Children of the MeiKong’s subsidization. The purpose for this journey is to disseminate love and charity.

There is few group of Tuk Tuk all over the world. The "Tuk Tuk" was made in Thailand. They started at Cambodia, entered from Mohan border of Yunnan, China. After cross the most part of China they leave from Horgos border of Xinjiang-China, they will continue to Kazakhstan, and finally returned to France via Eurasia. The China Part was organized and assisted by NAVO Tour. This is also the first Tuk Tuk driving group organize by NAVO recently years.

After organized the group type of sedan, classical car, RV&Truck, motorcycle, electric, gas, and fire engine, the Tuk Tuk group update NAVO Tour’s group type list. NAVO is also looking forward to new and magical group type.



21. 2013 International: Chasing the Dream-Motorcycling group via Eurasia

A large-scale riding group, who is the first one from Paris to Beijing, entered China through Torugart (China – Kyrghyzstan border) on July. It consists more than 50 participants and about 8 nationalities are involved (French, German, Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Belgian, American etc.). The group ride along the famous Sill Road and final arrived in Beijing.

We’re very glad that NAVO once again takes part in such magnificent trip by arranging all processes in China part, assists and helps all the heroes complete their epic expedition with our experienced and professional service.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/2013_Rallye_Moto_sur_la_Route_de_la_Soie/


20. 2013 Italian & Swiss: Desert Driving Tour-The heaven of tough men

There is few of group organized by NAVO Tour to drive through desert even drive through 2 famous deserts in one time when travel in China. In Aug.-Nov. 2013, a group with 11 cars from Europe organized by NAVO Tour, drove cross the China seventh largest desert-Kubuqi Desert, and the China fourth largest desert-Badain Jaran Desert. They experienced a tough journey-had been fallen into deep sand and, overturned etc. But for these tough men, what the world looks like is depending on how they watch and feel.



19. 2013 UK: Serially reported about-Go for experiencing the world

In July 2013, NAVO tour organized a vintage car self-driving tour successfully, which was serially reported by Xinhua Net/Huanqiu.com/People.cn/CNS/Chinanews.com/NetEase/Baidu/SOHU/SinaCorp/Daqi.com, and some other well-known media of China! An old England couple did it! They drove a vintage Triumph 1300 which was produced in 1967 to travel from England to China, when they arrived at Pingyao ancient town in Shanxi province of China, this blue vintage car grabbed the local people’s attention immediately; they said they will keep moving to finish an incredible world-around trip with this vintage car. Let’s travel like this lovely couple: with freely heart and simply love to this world.



18. 2013 Malaysian: Witness on world records creating

The world endurance tour and challenge by 5 experienced Malaysian international riders to Create A New World Record on two wheels round the globe that spans 33 countries, 201 days and a journey of 45,500 km. This adventure active was sponsored by the Malaysia Prime Minister.

NAVO Tour as the operator of China part arranged all the process and helped them experience in China. In July, they leaved from Chengdu and head to Beijing. NAVO is glad to participate in such great journey which can make a new world record.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/Malaysia_BMW_motorcycle_riding_trip_2013/


17. 2012 UK: Schoolboy who sailed the world embanks on next challenge-to conquer global by land

Mike Perham who in 2009 became the youngest person to solo sail around the world has done the same by car. He planned drive 24,000 mile around the world by across Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China and a few more countries. NAVO served him China part on 2012. After this trip, Mike said “Try to find enough sponsorship to fly solo around the world. Then I will become the first person to solo circumnavigate the planet by land, sea and air”.



16. 2012 French: World first batch of volume production electric car

Two young guys from French drove globally with an electric car- Citroën C-Zéro, which was one of the first batch electric cars of volume production. They went through China from Yunnan to Xinjiang for 33 days; and it’s the second electric car drive global group served by NAVO Tour.



15. 2012 UK: 2 Nissan Patrol drove the hottest road in the world in the hottest time, for their national radio.



14. 2012 Russian: A Russian team drove their ATV, Buggy and Toyota through part of the Taklimakan Desert, the largest desert in China.



13. 2012 Spain: Challenge of Guinness Book of Records

On July, 2012, a Spain guest would challenge Guinness Book of Records that go through China and whole world by shortest duration with driving the ELECTRICCAR. During in China, he drove along famous Silk Road from Tianjin city to Xinjiang Province. When he arrived at Urumuqi, he was warmly welcome by local people and media.



12. 2011 International: Spark your dream: Herman Zapp's familydriving around the world

Herman Zapp's family (6 members, parents and four kids) from USA, Argentina and Canada enjoy a great self-driving adventure trip around China with their 1928 Graham-Paige vintage car across China. This family enjoyed over 10 years’ global self-driving tour from Argentina to the United States. Their 4 kids were born on their world trip from the U.S. to China. On October 2011, when they arrived in Chengdu (where NAVO-tour office located), the youngest child was only two and a half years old. 

Guest’s website: www.sparkyourdream.net
Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2011/sedan_classic_Car_driving_China/a_family_driving_a


11. 2011 German: Holtorf Gunther's Round-The-World-Record-Tour

Guinness Book of Records: Gunther and Martin, the father and son, drove around world with a very old Mercedes Benz 4X4 vehicle. China is an important part for their global tour. After China they will drove to North Korea, South Korea and Japan, and they complete their above 20 years global self-driving tour. Their vehicle will be collected by Germany National Museum.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2011/4WD_Car_driving_China/Deutschland_China_Nordkore


10. 2011 International: Motorcycling-Discover China, discover our earth

A large group drove their motorcycles crossing China from Yunnan to Xinjiang province along part of famous Silk Road for 21days.The member of the group came from USA, Germany, New Zealand, British and other European counties, totally 21 motors.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/round_the_world_motorcycle_tour_2011/


9. 2011 UK: Austin Sevens Charity Trip

A couple-Kip and Carmen from UK made their DRIVING TRIP from Beijing to Paris successful on the third time. They did this trip for getting donation and helping those hare lipped children all over the world. During their short stay in China, they visited a clinic for hare lipped children at Beijing with our guide Susanna. NAVO also donated for those poor kids. Kip and Carmen were happy about this great trip with their achievement.
Myrtle is a 1930 Austin Chummy. Kotka is a rather sporty 1928 Austin Ulster. 

Guest Website:www.pekingtoparis2011.co.uk


 8. 2010 UK: Fire engine memory tour

Guinness Book of Records: on 2010, Steve Moore and his friend droved a fire engine truck to China from England to china. Steve’s father is a firefighter and kept fighting at the first place for fire control years after years and unluckily he suffered lung cancer. And the father left the fire engine truck to Steve. They made a global charity tour to memory Steve’s father and China was an important part.

Guest’s website: http://www.followthatfireengine.com/
Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2010/Motorhome_truck_driving_China/


7. 2010 Danish: First electric car served by NAVO driving around the world

Guinness Book of Records: From Denmark to China Danish Expedition 2010-2011 to World Expo 2010 Shanghai. They drove through Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia, China, the U.S., Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Holland. China is an important stop for 2010 Shanghai Expo. On May 7, 2011, returned to Copenhagen, Denmark, to complete their world tour.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2010/sedan_classic_Car_driving_China/


6. 2010 International: Volkswagen New Phaeton Road Test Drive Experience in China

Twenty New Phaeton vehicles are transported from Germany to Sanya City in Hainan Island of China by ocean shipping. Over 180 journalists and newsmen from all over the world participate in the Road Test Driving Experience in China, NAVO assists throughout the whole course. It’s also the third time that NAVO has taken part in the new car test-drive after the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5 belong to Volkswagen Motor.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2010/sedan_classic_Car_driving_China/


 5. 2010 UK & Australian: Handicapped drive via China from UK to Australia

A handicapped man drove his car with help of his girlfriend from his country UK to his girlfriend's country in Australia via China. They entered China from Kyrgyzstan and then drive to Yunnan along the Silk Road. He couldn’t move from below his breast, but they achieved their goal by overcoming all difficulties. It is really a proud for them and an extremely encouragement for all.

Guest Website: www.drivinghome.com
Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2010/Motorhome_truck_driving_China/uk_201009/index.php


4. 2010 Australia: MG classic cars adventure tour along the Silk Road 

During April and May in 2010, 12 Australia elders who are over sixties drive six MG classic cars for their Silk Road tour and the promotion trip for the MG. After enter from China's Tianjin, they drive to pay a visit to Shanghai MG factory in China, then drove to Xi'an and start from the starting point of the Silk Road to Europe.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2010/sedan_classic_Car_driving_China/


3. 2007 Germany: Natural gas vehicles driving through Europe and Asia

In 2007 October to November, two German drove the world's first Eco-fuel vehicle through China, and total 27 days. Itinerary: Zhangmu land port Port(Nepal-Tibet)- Nyalam - Xigaze - Lhasa - Nyingchi - Litang –Kangding - Chengdu - Yichang - Wuhan - Shanghai - Fuzhou - Shenzhen - Hong Kong - Guangzhou – Nanning- Pingxiang land port (Guangxi-Vietnam) Meanwhile, guests took part in Shanghai Challenge Bibendum 2007. As the first Eco-energy (Natural gas-4 X4 car), this travel accepted wide concern. 

Guest’s website: http://www.ecofuel-asia-tour.com/
Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2001-2009/sedan_classic_Car_driving_China/natural_gas_car_2007/


2. 2006 France: “Modern Forrest Gump” running across the Eurasian

(Trans-Eurasia; Paris-Shanghai-Tokyo, 19097.3KM; 260Days, 17hour, 52minute) Serge Girard is known as the French Modern Forrest Gump after making the Running record. Dozens of media cover this Tour. And the mainstream media CCTV (China Central Television) also made three special reports. December 18, 2005, Serge Girard started from Paris, France, and began the great journey across the Eurasian continent. He entered China with his team (Including saloon car and a French SUV) on April 28, 2006 from Xinjiang Kashi to China. 77 days of uninterrupted running through China: Xinjiang - Gansu - Shaanxi - Henan - Anhui – Jiangsu after he ended in the July 12, 2006, Shanghai for the China section. At the same time, 2-French vehicles from the Shanghai port shipping exit. The left section is from Paris to Shanghai, and then to Tokyo, the whole 19097.3 KM. Total time 260 Days and 17 hours 52minutes. During the China section, NAVO did the recce for the project in Xinjiang in 2004 and Tibet in 2005, and arrange the 2 support vehicles self-driving in China 2006.

Guest’s website: https://www.sergegirard.com/trans-eurasia/index.fr.html/
Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/serge_girard/


1. 2005 Germany: Volkswagen Touareg Driving Experience in China

Germany Volkswagen Company did the global driving Tour in May-June 2005. NAVO was their in-country agency. There were six Volkswagen vehicles, 24 guests, and whole journey 34 days in China. Group entered in Tianjin, of which 12 guests driving through Beijing and exited in Erlian Inner Mongolia. Another 12 guests drove the same vehicles, entered in China from Takeshenken Xinjiang, after Urumqi, Turpan, Ruoqiang, Ge’ermu in Qinghai, Naqu, Lhasa, Xigaze and exit in Zhangmu land port, arrived in Nepal. 2 times enter in and out China. After successfully running 2005 group, we have three years cooperation with Volkswagen Company to arrange such kind of self-driving tour. Such as the Silk Road; The world's highest-altitude Tibet road (Kashi-Lhasa - Kashi); and the so-called world hardest Sichuan-Tibet road (Lhasa-Chengdu). 

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/2001-2009/4WD_Car_driving_China/volkswagen_experience/

◆How the vehicle enters in and leaves China?

Generally speaking, the foreign vehicle can enter in and leave in 4 ways:
A. Vehicle enters and exit by Land border. This means you drive across China by yourself all the way from enter to exit.
B. Vehicle enters by Land border and exit by Sea freight. This means you enter China by driving the vehicle yourself and exit by flight without your vehicle.
C. Vehicle enters by Sea freight and exit by Land border. This means you take a flight to china (enter China without your vehicle) and pick up your vehicle from the sea port of China and exit by driving the vehicle yourself.
D. Vehicle enters by Sea freight and exit by Sea fright. This means you take a flight to china (enter China without your vehicle) and pick up your vehicle from the sea port of China and after self-driving tour in China exit by flight without your vehicle.
The above 4 ways foreign self-driving tours are what NAVO had successfully arranged for our guest during the past year. You can choose the one suite you according to your tour time and tour purpose.

◆ Common Use Ports for Foreign Self-driving tour (Enter/Exit China by Land/Sea)

The following ports are what NAVO had used and successfully organize for our guests since 1994.If you list some other ports we never done before for your plan itinerary please contact us in advance, we would like to do some research to check if now the port are open for neighbor country vehicle and the third country vehicle.

Land entrance:

Zhangmu (Zhangmu) (China - Nepal)

Kunjerab(Kunjirab) (China - Pakistan)
Tourgat(Turugart) (China - Kyrgyzstan)
Irkshtan(China -Kyrgyzstan)
Horgos(China - Kazakhstan)
Taschken (China - Mongolia)
Laoyemiao(China - Mongolia)

Inner Mongolia
Erenhot(China - Mongolia)
Manzhouli(China - Russia)

Youyiguan of Pingxiang(China - Vietnam)

Mohan of Mengla(China - Laos)
Ruili (Ruili) (China - Myanmar )
Hekou(China - Vietnam Vietnam)

Shenzhen (Guangdong - Hong Kong )


Marine ports:
Zhuhai etc.

Foreign self-driving tour in China needs to be arranging by a very professional travel agency. If you want to do this kind of tour, please contact us by email to en@navo-tour.com .We will reply you in details about the procedures and details steps for the foreign self-driving tour in China. NAVO are glad to design your trip and do some suggestions for travel time and enter/exit ports according to your requirements.

All the photos you see on NAVO’s website for foreign self-driving tour in China are taking during the group tour organize by us. It is the true record of our guests.

You can view the description of the past groups from all over the world which NAVO organized for the foreign self-driving tour in China through the following link:
◆ Previous team record since 1994: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/itineraries/driving/history.php
◆ The relevant self-driving tour of the photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/driving/

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